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Although each person has one or more main constitution, it will also affect the distribution of the three elements- fire, air, and water energy, due to various internal and external factors. For example, age, season, living environment, thoughts, mindset, emotions, diet, work, rest, stress, treatment, physical activity, lifestyle habits, etc., will disrupt the balance of  our energy.

For instances, if the main body constitution is PITTA, when the three elements of fire, air, and water energies are balanced and if you follow the DO's & DONT's of your constitution to take care of yourself, there should be no major problem. You will be healthy and everything will be normal. However, if PITTA is under stress, lack of sleep and consumed excessive spicy foods, it will naturally increase the fire energy and make the fire energy particularly vigorous. PITTA may become grumpy, arouse anger and over digest. Malfunction, diarrhea, inflammation, liver dysfunction, dermatitis and other diseases can occur. 


Pitta dosha is a combination of the Fire and Water elements. Pitta primarily governs enzymes, hormone reactions and essentially the whole metabolic system. Pitta dosha is responsible for intake and assimilation of both ideas and nutrients into the system. It regulates your thirst, hunger and body temperature.

Pitta dosha also controls eyesight, intelligence and understanding. The small intestine, stomach, seat glands, blood, fat, eyes and skin are the seats of Pitta. Psychologically, Pitta arouses anger, hate and jealousy.


Pitta characteristics are as follows:

  • Sharp
  • Hot
  • Liquid
  • Strong smelling
  • Slightly oily
  • Spreading


Pitta is associated with the following tastes:

  • Pungent
  • Sour


If your dosha is primarily pitta, you will manifest a sharp intellect and a matching appetite. Pitta dosha tends to mean a medium build, without the tendency to put on weight.

Pitta embodies passion, enthusiasm and vitality. Pitta dosha enjoys studying, have the ability to focus and generally have very good leadership skills. The downside is that pitta can become ‘fanatical’ if they become out of balance.

The characteristics of KAPHA can be distinguished from three levels, including physical, physiological and psychological. 

Physical characteristics of pitta are:

Financial status:  poor, spends money quickly on trifles

Skin: soft, warm, oily, fair or reddish, prone to moles & freckles, seats easily, susceptible to wrinkles & sunburn 

Hair: blonde, fine, oily, early grey or balding 

Teeth: moderate size, soft gums, yellowish

Fingernails: pink nail bed, smooth

Eyes: sharp, light in color  

Mouth: medium, red, soft


Physiological characteristics of Pitta are:

Appetite: good, excessive, unbearable

Taste: cold food, sweet, bitter, astringent

Urination: moderate, dark yellow

Elimination: soft, oily, loose, abundant, light in color, smelly

Physical activity: moderate

Speech: sharp and cutting

Pulse: moderate, jumping like a frog

Pattern of illness: gastritis, hives, inflammation, irritability, psoriasis


Psychological characteristics of Pitta are:

Mind: aggressive, intelligent

Memory: sharp, good memory, focus attention
Mental ability: focused, aggressive, goal-oriented

Emotion: aggressive, irritable, jealous

Dreams: colorful, conflicted, anger, violence, war

Sleep: short (6 hours) but sound 

Financial status:  moderate, spends carefully on luxuries


Healing means living in the present, living in a healthy, balanced, and conscious manner. Ayurveda is not a passive healing method, but requires everyone to be responsible for their own lives. The surrounding environment and the relationship with our individual life are perceived as a whole.

Remain awaken and conscious in every moment is extremely important, try to make "small actions, big changes" in our daily lives to prevent, restore ourselves, and achieve a healthy and balanced state of body, mind, and soul.

1) Centre of Excellent Diploma in Ayurveda Course Content
2) Ayurveda - The Science of Self-healing - A Practical Guide by Dr Vasant Lad