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Although each person has one or more main constitution, it will also affect the distribution of the three elements- fire, air, and water energy, due to various internal and external factors. For example, age, season, living environment, thoughts, mindset, emotions, diet, work, rest, stress, treatment, physical activity, lifestyle habits, etc., will disrupt the balance of  our energy.


For instances, if the main body constitution is KAPHA, when the three elements of fire, air, and water energies are balanced and if you follow the DO's & DONT's of your constitution to take care of yourself, there should be no major problem. You will be healthy and everything will be normal. However, once the water energy increases or deteriorates, the body is prone to symptoms such as colds, colds, sneezing, and allergies, and KAPHA may become greedy, possessive, and easily attached.


When the internal and external conditions of life change, if we have enough awareness, understand our main constitution, pay more attention to your daily lives and make timely adjustments, we can maintain the balance of your energy. In order to maintain health and balance, it is necessary to make a conscious choice, be aware at all times, and use timely actions to adjust the balance of air, fire or water elements.


KAPHA dosha has an equal combination of WATER and EARTH.  KAPHA is responsible for keeping the joints lubricated, the skin hydrated and producing the bodily fluids for the cells and spinal cord.  The 'power' of KAPHA holds the skeletal system together and gives luster to the skin. 


KAPHA's characteristics are: 

  • hard 
  • gross 
  • sticky 
  • cloudy 
  • soft 
  • static 
  • slow 
  • heavy 
  • dense 
  • liquid 
  • slimy 
  • oily 
  • cold 


TASTES associated with KAPHA are: 

  • sweet 
  • sour 
  • salty 


Primary dosha KAPHAs are very easy going and laid back with pale, thick skin that doesn't wrinkle easily.  Generally, KAPHAs have strong bones and good teeth but are prone to gaining weight and have difficulty in losing it.  With a natural tendency not to move much, the metabolism is slow, which manifests both in digesting foods and ideas.  KAPHAs find it hard to memorize things, but once something is remembered, it will be forever. 


KAPHA Dosha is known for its 'strength' and they are known for their hard work and capability with 'heavy' work.  KAPHAs are naturally very kind and loving, although, in excess, they can be prone to 'attachment' and 'greed'.  KAPHAs also express tendencies towards calmness, forgiveness and love.  The chest is the 'seat' of KAPHA. 


The characteristics of KAPHA can be distinguished from three levels, including physical, physiological and psychological.

Physical characteristics of Kapha are:

Frame: heavy set, difficult to lose weight 

Temperature: relatively low

Skin: thick, pale, oily, cool, white, few wrinkles

Hair: thick, oily, wavy, dark or light

Teeth: large, strong, straight, white

Fingernails: well formed, well defined moons

Eyes: large, attractive, blue, brown, long lashes

Mouth: full, velvety, wide


Physiological characteristics of Kapha are:

Appetite: slow but steady

Taste: dry and warm food, pungent, bitter, astringent

Urination: large volume, cloudy, infrequent

Elimination: thick, oily, heavy, brown, large

Physical activity: lethargic

Speech: slow, monotonous

Pulse: broad, slow, moves like a swan

Pattern of illness: swelling (oedema), diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, heavy chest colds


Psychological characteristics of Kapha are:

Mind: calm, slow
Memory: slow to learn, once committed to  memorise- never forgot

Mental ability: steady, slow, calm, dependable

Emotion: calm, greedy, attached

Dreams: romantic, watery, river, ocean, lake, swimming

Sleep: heavy, prolonged, difficult to rouse 

Financial status:  rich, money-saver, spends on food


Healing means living in the present, living in a healthy, balanced, and conscious manner. Ayurveda is not a passive healing method, but requires everyone to be responsible for their own lives. The surrounding environment and the relationship with our individual life are perceived as a whole.

Remain awaken and conscious in every moment is extremely important, try to make "small actions, big changes" in our daily lives to prevent, restore ourselves, and achieve a healthy and balanced state of body, mind, and soul.

1) Centre of Excellent Diploma in Ayurveda Course Content
2) Ayurveda - The Science of Self-healing - A Practical Guide by Dr Vasant Lad